Empowering Women

Retirement is different today than it has been for previous generations.  Women may face unique challenges when it comes to retirement planning.

Several trends have been noted in women of retirement age including:


  • In 2017, seven in 10 women are saving for retirement.1

  • Only 13 percent of women have an actual written strategy for retirement.2

  • According to the Social Security Administration, women reaching the age of 65 are outliving their spouses by an average of two years.3

  • Women are less likely than men to be offered retirement benefits in the workplace.1

  • Women are 80 percent more likely than men to be impoverished at age 65 and older.4

  • Women between the ages of 75 to 79 are three times more likely than men to be living in poverty.4


With this in mind, our goal in this class is to help women take a more active role in their financial future through education and preventative action.

Watch our introductory video and then enjoy now for our full class below!


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