2018 Tax Strategies

Many believe understanding taxation should be left to accountants and bankers. They will get us out of the jam come tax season.  But the truth is, understanding taxation and the 2018 tax reform can have a big impact on the decisions we make today and the outcomes we will face tomorrow.

In this class, we will focus on the big picture of the current tax reform and its impacts on every American.


The truth is if you fail to factor taxes into the equation while managing your assets and accounts, you could wind up with a large bill from the IRS.

Determining your current and future tax liability and developing a tax strategy to minimize the amount of taxes you pay during retirement is critical.

Taxes play an integral part in planning your legacy and can directly impact your retirement income or the wealth you will be able to pass on to your heirs. Take the proper measures to ensure you’re minimizing your tax burden in retirement and leaving a legacy you can be proud of.

Enroll now, learn to see the big picture of taxes and potentially save yourself thousands by understanding these important changes to our tax laws!


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